Thursday, September 15, 2011

So you think you can swing?

I once heard someone -Brett Jones MRKC I believe- state that there is a huge difference between swinging a kettlebell and performing a kettlebell swing. The hardstyle swing, though it looks simple, is actually quite technical.

Many people: 1)assume they can teach it to themselves after watching a YouTube clip. 2)think they have enough body awareness to actually do this. 3)pick up poor habits that are hard to break while thinking they are doing a kettlebell swing but are really just swinging away.

You would expect individuals that are planning to attend an RKC course would be proficient at the kettlebell swing. The time invested in preparation should result in good technique, right? Wrong, experience does not equal expertise. The average prep time that individuals spent getting ready for the RKC was 5 months. On Day 1 of the RKC, 79% would have failed to meet the standards of the swing. A majority reported reading Enter The Kettlebell, but only 50% reported meeting with an RKC prior to the course.

The moral of the story - see an RKC instructor to learn how to properly perform the kettlebell swing from the beginning. It will be less frustrating, more efficient, and result in fewer bad habits to break.

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