Monday, October 3, 2011

Who is the most forceful?

I ended my last post with the teaser regarding who generated more force at the 2011 Summit of Strength -quick plug all the cool people will be at the 2012 SOS!! So I've put my lab coat and spectacles on, got my 2 year old and dog rounded up (so I had plenty of fingers and toes) and knocked out the super complicated mathema-physic-sciency type equations to answer the question: Who generated more power - Master RKC Brett Jones, MRKC Geoff Neupert, or MRKC Dave Whitley. To make things more interesting: I pulled my data on Pavel, threw Data on myself in there, and for fun included the data from MRKC Jeff O'Connors 12 year old son Rush in there.

Before I give the answer, lets get a little poll going. Visit my Facebook page to vote. If we aren't friends, find me - Brandon Hetzler. We will see who the winner of public opinion is and then we will see who the real winner is.

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