Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good news!

I met again with the Stats guy last week, and still have a headache from it.  He explained that the reason that answering my question 'is there any difference' has been rather challenging because they have had to essentially create a way to analyze all the different numbers, all the different types of numbers, and all the other data we gave them.  We are simply trying to do a pre / post test where each data point correlates to each individuals FMS score and then analyzing group inclusion outcomes.  Oh, and we are trying to do this for five different types of data.  Doing one of those is simple, doing all of them has proven very troublesome.

BUT, THE GOOD NEWS is that at this point there are significant differences!  So everyones time - Dustin, Brett, Jeff, Geoff, Dave, and all participants and data collectors- wasn't wasted.  Exactly, what the differences are we don't know yet.  We are still trying to narrow that down.

One way we are trying to narrow it down, is with a survey that all the participants received this week.  We don't just want to say- "Yes, swings and FMS corrective drills are good" or "Swings bad".  We want to really be able to break it down based on the questions in the survey - don't want to give away too much at this point.

So, keep checking back here and once all the numbers are crunched I'll begin posting some really interesting stuff.  And, if you took part in the Study and the Survey and want your results - let me know and I can get all the numbers to you.

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